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Stacy Danley: Is This a Better Way to Identify Talent?

According to Stacy Danley, all schools should be tested and searched for Talent. Talent identification should not only be happening at athletic events. Previous studies have improved the different training theories and methods of sports development and coaching for young individuals.

Researchers have also developed several identification tests to look for Talent and to test a whole school or group of athletes. Stacy Danley explains that new Talent can be discovered with these tests without students being coached by a teacher or professional coach.

In numerous educational institutions, so many talented young athletes have already been discovered. However, what happens, or what should happen after this? The answer is that these students should be developed to become senior athletes.

Researchers have observed that some younger athletes with less Talent sometimes win at school trials, mainly because they are properly developed.

Unfortunately, young students are not developed properly. They develop the habit of going from one sport activity to the other. What happens is they do not excel, even if they are talented.

Stacy Danley explains that these students who rely on their Talent go from one sport to the other with no proper development of pure speed, proper technique, or plyometric jumping development. It is a major reason some schools don’t have a lot of good senior athletes.

Schools have trials by holding a variety of athletic events. So many talented students in schools have yet to be discovered. If only students can be scouted and talked to about their hidden talents, it’s very possible that they will also become a lot more interested in sports like track and field.

Students who have been coached for a certain period by a professional coach may win school events; however, in every school, there are students with lots of Talent that have not been discovered — and have not been coached, and therefore, have not been identified.

According to Stacy Danley, schools have trials by doing the proper sporting events, and it has been observed that coached students often win the events, even if there are more talented but uncoached students. It is a harsh reality that there are times when the talented student is not selected and has no chance to compete for their school. Often, they quit training altogether.
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For example, look at track and field athletes and events. Contemporary performance demands are so high that average-ability athletes will rarely succeed, even if the best training methods are used. Stacy Danley notes that this stresses the importance of correct selection procedures for a specific event.

Stacy Danley is the President and CEO of SLD Sports Management Group, a premiere management consulting, sports, and special event marketing and management company specializing in providing quality event management corporate consulting, strategic planning, fund-raising, new business development, sales, and corporate marketing. For more posts from Stacy Danley, follow this page.

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